5 Exquisite Wedding Cakes to Inspire You for Your 2022 Wedding

Wedding Cakes Singapore

Dessert trends come and go, but it is pretty impossible to replace the trend of including chic, gorgeous, and delicious cakes at the wedding. No denial, every wedding deserves a wedding cake that looks amazing and tastes exceptionally well. 

A wedding cake that sets the statement and enhances the wedding’s décor always grabs better attention of everyone. There are endless ways to make wedding cakes Singapore look gorgeous and classy by introducing different designs and themes. 

Some exquisite wedding cake designs will surely fit your wedding theme like a glove. Nevertheless, choosing the Best Cake Shop Singapore is equally essential if you genuinely intend to eat fresh and scrumptious cakes at your wedding.

1- Bow Cakes

Let’s start with one of the most elegant and popular wedding cakes we have seen in the past few months—generally, such cakes look amazing in plain colors with an elaborated bow on their top. Bow cakes pull off every special event, but they work magically well for intimate events.

Therefore, it is always recommended to opt for a bow cake because it looks classy and makes your function worth remembering.

2- Dry Flowers Cake

Pressed and dried flower cakes are the latest talk of the town these days. Dried flowers look super adorable on a cake for all good reasons. They look adorable, gorgeous, elegant, and enhance the beauty of a cake with their sweet fragrances.
Besides, they are much more sustainable than fresh flowers, and you can choose them if your wedding function lasts longer.

3- Mini Cakes

 If you love cake but don’t want to cut a traditional cake on your big day, then selecting a mini cake is an ideal choice for you. One of the most adorable things about these mini cakes is that they look super cute due to their size.
As discussed earlier, the selection of professional cake shops matters because only the expert bakers can bake delicious and eye-catchy mini cakes for weddings.

4- Rustic Naked Cakes

Oh, you don’t like frosting!
Don’t worry; rustic naked cakes are known as fantastic wedding cakes, especially if you don’t like maximum frosting on the cakes. The right amount of sugar and related ingredients work as the cherry on the top. Designed with perfection and exclusivity, these cakes must be a fundamental preference for your wedding day (when you don’t want unnecessary frosting on the cake’s top).

5- Elegant and Simple Wedding Cakes

No denial, traditional wedding cakes are always awe-inspiring regardless of their sizes and number of tiers. A classic white wedding cake has been in trend for decades due to its exclusive design and refinement.

Interestingly, most couples still find it imperative to celebrate their wedding day by cutting a simple yet elegant wedding cake.

Make Your Celebration Sweeter with Top-Quality Wedding Cakes Singapore

There is always a big, sophisticated and (mostly) a tasty cake at a wedding!!!

You deserve nothing but everything perfect on your wedding day, and the selection of a cake is not an exception here. Therefore, choosing a renowned cake shop is recommended for the prompt delivery of fresh and succulent cakes in Singapore.


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