The Holy Grail of DIY Exterior Brick Painting for Your Toronto Based Home

The pro exterior brick painting Toronto services can help you choose the correct protection and colour for your outside brick walls. Read more here.
Updating the exterior of your home is a sure-fire method to boost your curb appeal and property value, but at what cost?
When it comes to assessing the resale value of your home, rendering or cladding the exterior can be an expensive exercise that may not totally pay for itself.
With cold and dry weather of Toronto, you need to have technical knowledge for getting your external brickwork looking as good as new. When beginning any outdoor painting project, there are various aspects to consider.
Painting brick is not as simple as painting drywall; if done incorrectly, you risk flaking paint or even an alkali-burned topcoat. But with suggestions and guidance, you can always achieve a professional result with exterior brick painting Toronto.
Things to Consider for Exterior Brick Painting in Your Toronto Based Home
It's possible that their lack of information and understanding of what they're doing scares them. Therefore, this article will provide you with some exterior painting suggestions.
These would perhaps provide you with some further information and set your mind at ease. These pointers will assist you whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.
The wall's moisture content
Excessive moisture will damage the adherence of most paints, causing blistering and flaking as well as increasing mild and algae growth.
Allow at least 4-6 weeks for the wall to dry completely before painting.
If you're using solvent-based paints, the alkali in the moisture in your bricks could harm them.
Although alkalinity will decrease over time, an alkali resistant primer is ideal to use on recent brickwork.
A crystalline coating may build on the surface of your wall as moisture escapes the brickwork.
Remove the deposit with a broom and apply a salt treatment to the brickwork. Allow time for the paint to dry before applying it.
Porosity and Absorption
The porosity and absorption of bricks varies greatly.
The more open and porous brick kinds will necessitate thinning the initial coat of primer or paint according to the manufacturer's specifications.
Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind When Painting Bricks
DO: Make a plan. The key to success is preparation.
DO: Allow for ample drying time between paint applications to test colour adhesion, especially if painting a lighter colour over a dark brick wall.
DO: For a better finish and simpler paint application, use a high-performance primer
DONT: Underestimate the amount of paint needed to paint a rough surface. Because bricks are permeable, extra paint is required to cover all nooks and crannies.
DONT: Remember not to paint over glazed or glass bricks. This application process is only for standard masonry house bricks that are exposed.
Using the Correct Equipment and Materials
Having the correct equipment on hand will make the process go lot smoother and easier, just like any other job.
Make sure you have a sprayer or roller that can cover a wide area in a short amount of time. A sprayer is recommended.
This will save work time, make it easier to get into all of the joints, and make things much easier in general.
However, make sure to spray from all sides to ensure that the paint gets into all of the brick's nooks and crevices. This is especially crucial if your home has over grouted joints.
When you go up to your house, the first thing you see is the facade. One option to improve the curb appeal of your property is to use upgraded brick.
For your home's brick exteriors, our team provides high-quality, all-weather coatings. The professional exterior brick painting Toronto services will provide outstanding service. This is for your external brick wall finishes regardless of the age of your home.
Painting The Right Way
High-quality masonry coatings allow the walls to breathe. Any moisture flowing through the paint will condense on the sealer. This causes the masonry paint to blister or flake if you choose a glossy sealer.
Some finishes even come with a 15-year warranty. The experts can also advise you on the optimal application method (e.g., brushes or rollers), which varies depending on the paint.
For a uniform finish, apply two or three coats of paint, allowing 30 minutes for each coat to dry between coats.
Bonus tip: Paint colours that are darker than the brick are more likely to be easier to apply and more efficient.
Even so, prepare the walls with at least two coats of primer to ensure that darker bricks are completely covered when painting with a lighter tone.
It’s Time to Update the Exterior of Your Home
Over time, your outside brick walls will fade or turn yellow, and they may even take on a 'neglected' appearance.
If your home is in need of an upgrade. Or if you're considering a change from the natural brick hue, contact the experts immediately.
The pro exterior brick painting Toronto services can help you choose the correct protection and colour for your outside brick walls. This enhances its attractiveness and increasing the resale value of your home.
Because brick is a porous material, we must use the proper primer and paint to achieve long-term effects.
Based on your budget, timetable, and requirements, the experts can assist you in deciding on your painting options. In either case, they make sure your outside brick walls have a high-quality, all-weather finish.


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