Save Money on Your Wedding Cake with These Useful Tips

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There's nothing quite like a show-stopping wedding cake, but we understand that everyone has a budget. And if the cost per piece of wedding cake is making you nervous about your budget, don't dismiss the notion entirely.
Instead, communicate honestly with your cake baker, utilize your imagination, and follow the below mentioned guidelines to avoid sacrificing this wonderful detail.

Order fewer slices than the amount of people in your wedding.

The cost of wedding cakes Singapore is determined by the number of slices required. However, not everyone will partake in a piece of cake.
Maybe they're too full, maybe they left before the cake arrived, maybe they shared a slice with someone, but around one out of every five guests will leave without a slice.
So, if you're expecting 100 people, you can order a cake that would serve roughly 80 people instead of 100. This guideline also applies to sweets that aren't cakes. You can get 80 doughnuts instead of 100 and still feel okay about it if you're making cupcakes or anything else.

Keeping it simple

Sugar flowers, tall tiers, and exquisite piping can drastically raise your cake's expense. Because most wedding cakes Singapore bakers charge by "touch time," or the amount of labor and number of hours spent designing the cake, this is the case.
(There's a lot more to this dessert than just flour and eggs!) So, when it comes to picking a cake type, search for designs you like that don't include any unnecessary embellishments.

Make the most of your cake display

Some couples spend a lot of money on or rent extravagant cake stands, which are nice but not required. Furthermore, most bakers will offer you with a beautifully designed base board that you may set directly on the table.
Focus on enhancing the space around your cake display by using a fun linen from home, lush foliage, old family wedding photos, candles, or flowers to add some life to the table.

Back in the kitchen, make a sheet cake

One of the most typical wedding techniques is to have a small display cake for the cake cutting and a sheet cake to serve the guests at the back.
This allows couples to have their picture-perfect moment of serving wedding cakes Singapore to each other while also having a nice-looking cake without having to spend a lot of money on a well-decorated cake.
Guests aren't aware of the difference and are looking forward to whatever cake is given.

Talk to your baker about your budget

If you don't want a simple cake but don't want to spend a lot of money on it, chat to your baker about your budget and what kinds of decorations they can make with it.
If you haven't discussed it with them, don't expect them to try to keep the decorating hours to a minimal. Having a conversation with your online cake shop Singapore ahead of time about your goal and what you can afford will help you avoid any unexpected charges.



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